Competition Cambodia

The project’s aim is to produce a flexible, easily constructible shelter that provides the basic facilities and comfort to a very low income family.The model is adaptable to all sorts of terrain, can be lowered or mounted given the site’s characteristics, responds to the climate imperatives of Cambodia, represents a simple, affordable and locally inspired solution to the flooding issue, is easy to enlarge and reorganise.It’s geometry facilitates natural ventilation and light, thus providing a cleaner and helthier living environment. It maintains a simple but clear relation with the surounding space (front garden / building / backyard) allowing the inhabitants to easily adapt it to their traditional way of life.The project is inspired by the Cambodian vernacular architecture and living habits, it opens to the street and the backyard simultaneously, allowing the inhabitants to live in close relation to the rural community while surveying their livestock and children. In order to ensure proper ventilation, regulate humidity and temperature, minimize the overheating effects of the earth’s reflected radiation during the dry season and protect the inhabitants from flooding during the rainy one, the simple traditional solution of mounting the project to a height of approximatly one meter was adopted.

The project aims to be a nucleus, the founding element of a new family and in time a rural community. It easily grows by addition or repetition, allowing the possible creation of a multitude of built forms such as long «wagon» -like houses, patio – type structures, L-shaped garden privatising dwellings etc. In time, all these should form a community.







in collaboration with Mircea Sandu, Corina Pitic, Alexandru Poliac